negative tendenciesLet Your Feet Walk
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC
Eve's Special Reserve


I see your indecision
and I get your ethical vision
but your longtime catcaged heart has a mind of its own
You're not the sort to wager
but you must consider nature
so it's time you wander into the 'take a chance' zone, wake up you're on you own

Let your feet walk wherever they want to go (repeat twice)
where that is you will know

There's a thought you find exciting
but you wanna do the right thing
If you could only kill this craving that's lingering now
Your desire it makes you dizzy
Will he make a leap or is he
just a late night lost crusader afraid of his vow
It's time for you to reckon with the great dynamics of your soul
There finallly comes a moment where you do the thing that makes you whole
Baby you're on a roll

Let your feet walk wherever they want to go
where that is you will know

There's a girl who knocks me over
but for real I don't even know her
Still her presence pulls me in - I'm a moth to her flame
I experience such yearning
there's this pulse within me burning
as her spirit has me turning
from where I once came
I never will be the same x
Song Comments

Eve's Special Reserve
My brother's band rox so much here I played it 4 times in a row!

ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC
Spirited early 70s style prog pop/rock romp..Strong chorus n good vibes n energy abound,Cool track..

Tripping vibe. edgy driving groove. Rock in the purest form

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