Tosoff and AprilTime Enuf For Love
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Sunday, September 03, 2017 7:07:36 PM
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Friday, November 03, 2017 7:48:47 PM
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Change The World


'a little boat at sea tosses dangerously/ a ship at harbor moors peacefully'...

steve april vocal, guitar
bryon tosoff keys, bvs

mark stein bass, lead guitar
doug gonzalez drums

first love trials and tribulations...
Time Enuf For Love

my father says to me, 'son let her be,
you'll settle down, for now be young and free,'
days'll show our love grows,
there is time enuf for love.

lonely without you by my side
time's a thief that takes w each embrace.

a little boat at sea tosses dangerously
a ship at harbor moors peacefully.
day'll show rivers flow, there is time enuf,
time enuf for love.


i'm crazy without you by my side baby,
sit down, relax, re-energize,
we'll take my parent out to dinner tonight,
we'll have a barbeque together...
time, time time enuf...
Song Comments

Beautiful lyrics and lovely storytelling by Steve April. probably his best vocal ever. captures the essence of a hope for the future of two people in love and the son wanting to move forward with his relationship. cool instrumentation

Change The World
father/son stuff, w a bit of doo wop, air choir, french horns and colorful backing vocals, ride the jetstream...

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