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Saturday, September 09, 2017 5:58:29 PM
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Saturday, September 09, 2017 6:00:34 PM
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Fresh Brew


They're alive!

Words and Music (c) 2006 by Jack Morris

Verse 1:
Sending letters to the world to the world hurled
Dont know why dont know why try
Unsolicited pseudonymous
Just a cry bye before we die

Dead letters on the rise
Dead words dead lines
Undelivered unreceived
Just so many dead leaves
Dead letters on the rise
Dead notes dead rhymes
Silent symbols on a page
Muffled voices from the grave

Verse 2:
Writing stories on the wall any wall scrawl
Casting songs through the air the empty air prayer
Poets novelists
Artists lyricists
All who care dare lay it bare

[Repeat Chorus]
Dead letters on the rise
Dead letters on the rise

Still there is a chance
One might get a glance
Of the heart art that beats inside
Between you and me
Anyone can see
Dead letter letters are alive
Dead letters are alive
Dead letters are alive

Verse 3:
A billion letters in the mail in the mail fail
Addressed to anyone read by none no one
Dear so and so
Let me tell you so
The number no one none is no fun

[Repeat Chorus]

Dead letters on the rise
[Repeat and fade]

(c) 2006 by Jack Morris x
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Fresh Brew
I love everything about this song!

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