Lucy, Racquel and meGrey
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Tuesday, November 07, 2017 8:33:36 PM
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Tuesday, November 07, 2017 8:34:34 PM
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Golden Kayak Nominees 2017
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Lyrics: Lucy Prasad
Music: Philippe Perelman
Guitars: Hugo LaNauEstudi
Mix: Slobo
a painting by Tatyana Matsyk

This is a song dedicated to St Petersburg, one of the most beautiful, enigmatic, romantic and rainy cities in the world
is the colour you choose for your clothes
The colour of both your highs and lows
Your old winter scarf that’s starting to fray
And when I think of you
I see grey

is what gets me through most of my days
The memories of you and your little ways
I store them in me like an ice cube tray
And when I dream of you
it’s in grey

Thinking of you makes me sigh out loud
It feels like a fall through a thunder cloud
A maze of raindrops,
a blurry view
That’s what it’s like when I think of you

is the only comforting word
The only hope to be part of your world
I’ll give up the sun, every single ray
Waiting for you to colour me grey
I’ll give up the sun, every single ray
Waiting for you to colour me grey x
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Golden Kayak Nominees 2017
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

Beautiful! -M-

eYe 2
Instantly grabs you, a lovely refreshing song with rich vocals, wonderful harmonies eYe say. Grey, a comforting snog and full of meaningful lyrics which certainly make you listen intently and that guitar work is so special, well done. This group has some magic!!.

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