Verity KeenI really, really want a Golden Kayak ?
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Friday, November 10, 2017 7:15:57 PM
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Friday, November 10, 2017 7:18:39 PM
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A folk rhythm but richer and broader - doubled vox - novelty spoken extracts

Pure unadulterated 'tongue in cheek' promotion with a lovely song at the core
It's hard to make them listen when they've heard it all before
Don't want to ram it down their throats, don't want to be a bore
There's more to songs than singing, more than notes that can be played
There's more that songs are bringing
when you understand the way they're made


Some surprise spoken word pleading.....

All I want to do is write a song or two
so someone just like me is moved to ecstasy and comes back constantly
I'm tired and frustrated, I think there's something wrong
Oh why, oh why can't I just write the perfect song

I remember songs that made me tingle, made me cry
but lately nothing moves me and I don't know why
Oh I have lost my appetite, the point has come at last
Impatient with the slower songs and breathless from the fast


Little sweet spoken word ending
Song Comments

Mystery Radio
Holy moly, its a miracle. a Song about the Kayak, ok, I will give you mine, all of them. Push play 3000 times everyone, each of us can use Verity's advice LOL

ok ok you got me, this is the best on IMP EVER, no question, its the song of the year, of the decade, maybe the century, its going to the top, push play 1000000 times, the eYe has been seduced by this song and I am mesmerized by those vocals, and the lyrics, compelling, the music inviting the singing amazing. This is going to WIN!!!all the GOLDEN KAYAKS.....too bad ,everyone just accept the fact Verity got the bunch of them

External Forces
Whatever got this lady to do such a song? is this a conspiracy a mind control song, is I M P really the F B I or C I A , is this some kind of a new way to control our thinking. a new sound wave technology to dumbfound us.........the voice is haunting and magical,we are all doomed. I M P has a special agent controlling us now

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