Old Sand MillTake Me Down
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Americana Desperado


An homage to Simon & Garfunkel and Donovan. And Paul Simon appears as a guest player.

Performed By Old Sand Mill
From The 2013 Album “The World Is Getting Colder”
Music & Lyrics by Chip Miller & Michael Reynolds
Produced & Arranged by Chip Miller

A "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme" inspired song of soul love
Could you be but earth and rain?
Fields of wind and barley grain
Sunlit sparkles on the tree
I would not say farewell to thee

Could you be but oranges?
Sweet and filled with promises
Nightingales in harmony
(Like black clouds on Calvary)
I would not say farewell to thee

Take me down softly, take me down
I must take my leave
Of the joys and the sorrow
My love gave to me

Could you be but August moons?
Gathered with my silver spoon
Lyrics sung so easily
(Be they one or twenty-three)
I would not say farewell to thee

Could you love me once again?
Could you but remember when?
The loneliness you touched in me
(Kissed your wishes endlessly)
I would not say farewell to thee
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