Verity KeenShe's A Naughty Girl !
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Thursday, December 07, 2017 4:38:02 PM
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Saturday, December 09, 2017 1:16:15 PM
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Bitchin' Songs


Pleasant little song with an interesting narrative and expressive vox

Naughty girls are everywhere, you can have your pick

She flashes her eyes at all the guys - she's a naughty girl
She purses he lips and rolls her hips - she's a naughty girl
She wears low cut tops and her short skirt stops
Where her legs begin, all you see is skin

She's a naughty girl and you ought to spank her but all you do is politely thank her

Her heels are tall and she's ready to fall in lust with you
She'll push out her chest in a figure hugging vest that's not all she'll do
Then she'll squeeze your thigh til you want to die, she's a naughty girl, oh my, oh my

She's a naughty girl and you want to spank her but all you do is politely thank her

She likes to flirt in a see-through shirt
With a skimpy thong and a cheeky tongue
While her eyelashes flutter she'll spread on the butter
Smoother and thicker, hoping you'll pick her

She will get real close and give you a dose
Of her special charm, gently stroke your arm
And she'll tell you things, as her warmness brings
Out a sweat in you, that's not all she'll do
She'll undo your shirt and pull up her skirt
Then sit on your knee and your fantasy
Is right there in her hands with her wild demands
That you must obey if you want her to stay

She'll swing her hair and then she'll bare
Her shoulders where you can have your share
Of her sweet perfume in the spinning room
As she whispers low, says you ought to know
She is hot for you and she calls you Boo
As she rubs her face in a special place
With a little wiggle that makes her giggle
Then pant and hiss with a lingering kiss

What a naughty girl
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Bitchin' Songs
This takes me way back to the songs I heard at my Mother's paws. simple melody, sassy lyrics and a 'sit up and beg' chorus, Howlin' Hallelujahs I want more.

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