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Tuesday, December 26, 2017 3:48:04 PM
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Thursday, January 04, 2018 3:36:43 AM
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Chrystalyx Rox


A song about substance abuse/addiction.

Writers: Nick Stargu Sr. and Steve Sossin
Music Arrangement: Nick Stargu Sr., Steve Sossin
and Tom Traygis.
Piano, Organ, Strings, Lead Synth & Violin dual w/guitar : Nick Stargu Sr.
Percussion: Tom Traygis
Guitars and Bass: Steve Sossin
Spiritual Guidance: John Mengual
Executive Management, Nancy Trecina

Song about a woman who is addicted, drags her boyfriend down too but he gets himself well and pleads with her that she is wasting her life but despite that he will always care..
‘Nicole’ Lyrics
Copyright 2016- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED- Nick Stargu Sr.
You say that your going away….
And I wish that I knew what to say..
We’ve been through this Nicole once before..
And this time I don’t want you to stay..
Vocal Bridge
Nicole, you stole my heart_
And you knew it from the start_
You led me down the path__
Saying that we’d never part_
And you took another way_
When I wanted you to stay_
Like a doll house full of toys_
Nicole, you had to play_
Nicole don’t look away__
All I’m asking you to see_
I’ve even learned to pray__
Anything to set you free_
From the ghosts still haunting you__
To release you from the truth_
Of a life you’ve thrown away__
You can even see the proof_
You can even see the proof__
Nicole… stop hiding from the truth__
Nicole… Nicole…
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Looking for Tunes
A little hint of Kansas (group). Lots of worthy playing here.

Chrystalyx Rox
A Sweet and Fresh Style

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