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Tuesday, December 26, 2017 8:39:54 PM
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Thursday, January 11, 2018 12:21:58 AM


Story of a missed opportunity at meeting someone..

Written & Arranged by Steve Sossin for Starcina Productions
Additional arrangements by: Nick Stargu, Piano, organ & violin
Tom Traygis on drums and additional percussion.
Steve Sossin: All guitars and vocals.
Bass Guitar arrangement: John Mengual
Performed by: Steve Sossin

Guy walks into establishment. As he's leaving, he see's a beautiful woman staring at him with a smile as he walks towards the front of the store. He gets within 3 feet of her, thinks.. 'I don't know her' and turns away to pay the cashier. As he leaves, he see's she is apparently devastated.. but he thinks, 'Why does she seem so hurt?' Later... he realizes it was someone who used to walk her dog past his home who was very nice. He never see's her again- and is STILL kicking himself in the butt!!
Blue Eyed Girl, Copyright 2017, Starcina Productions
I couldn't place her face.. my memory just could not trace her..
She stared & smiled at me the longest time,
as I walked toward her...
Then like a fool, I turned away and crushed her feelings..
As I walked out I think I left her whole world reeling..
Oh Blue Eyed Girl, if I could take back time to that day..
Oh Blue Eyed Girl with dark hair as I drive my car away..
Oh Blue Eyed Girl I think I tore your heart in two..
Oh Blue Eyed Girl I'd like to make it up to you__
I'd like to make it up to you... ( repeat....)
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