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Tuesday, December 26, 2017 11:13:31 PM
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About getting away...

Written by: Nick Stargu Sr; Tom Traygis and Steve Sossin
Arranged by: Steve Sossin, Nick Stargu Sr. and Tom Traygis
Synth/string orchestrations, electric piano - solo violin & B-3 organ: Nick Stargu Sr.
Drums and additional percussion: Tom Traygis
Guitars: Steve Sossin
Bass Guitar arrangement: John Mengual
Performed by: Steve Sossin

Two people, both misfits in the same town find each other and spend most of their time dreaming of leaving together to find a better life
I saw the sadness.. and the tears within your eye's..
I know it hurt you... but I saw through your disguise..
You know, I'm like you... I just never did belong.. belong..
Let's run away.. to someplace where...
There's laughter, peace and such good times to share..
If we both just had something to make us stay__
If we both just had some wings to get away__
If we both could hold on tightly for a day___
Maybe we could get some wings and Fly Away__
Fly Away... from the troubles and the pains...
Fly Away... if we stay there's nothing gained..
Just Fly Away... hold on tight and you will see..
Fly Away... Just let your wings Fly Free___
Fly Away_____ Fly Away____ Fly Away____
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