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Wednesday, December 27, 2017 12:50:03 AM
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Friday, December 29, 2017 6:11:34 PM


Telling someone that they helped us be a better person.

Written by: Steve Sossin for Starcina Productions
Arranged by: Nick Stargu Sr; Tom Traygis & Steve Sossin
Piano, lead synth violin/cello string orchestration: Nick Stargu Sr.
Drums and additional percussion: Tom Traygis
Guitars and vocals: Steve Sossin
Bass guitar arrangement: John Mengual
Performed by: Steve Sossin

Thanking someone for 'coming into our life' and 'opening up our eye's' to enjoying all the joys & happiness in life.
Because of You ( I'm me )Copyright 2017 Starcina Prods.
You came into my life and... I just couldn't see__
I was missing something deep inside.. that I'd never seen..
Now I need the way you look at me... it just couldn't be__
Now I need the way your holding me.. Just don't set me free__
Just because you did love me.. when I thought my heart was dead
Just because you held me close.. when inside you knew I bled..
Just because you helped me be.. please don't ever set me free..
I couldn't live like that again.. Just because of you I'm me__
Because of you__ I'm me__
Because of you... Because of you...
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