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Wednesday, December 27, 2017 1:44:58 AM
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An introduction to the band...

Written & Arranged by: Steve Sossin, Nick Stargu Sr. and
Tom Traygis.
Synth, Piano and Violin: Nick Stargu Sr.
Drums and additional percussion: Tom Traygis
Guitars & vocals: Steve Sossin
Bass Guitar arrangement: John Mengual
Performed by Steve Sossin

Old friends playing together again, and having a blast!
Music...old friends.. playing.. again_
Magic...making... Are we waking...
Up.. to... new... dreams.. we're called
Can't you hear us play our hearts out__
Can't you see we're gonna break out___
Can't you see our faces glowing___
Hold on tight the music's flowing__
Starcina___ Starcina_____
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