Sean LenoxAggressor
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018 7:51:16 PM
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018 7:52:26 PM
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"Aggressor" was my attempt to create the rawest, most chaotic burst of energy that I could. I wasn't even particularly angry or emotional at the time - I was just so tired of obsessing over production that I wanted to write something as rough and hard-hitting as I could. I deliberately held myself back from putting much time into mixing and production on this one, so what you're hearing is essentially the raw recordings with a little reverb slapped on em. Gnarly!

Well, people always tell me I should seize the day
So I tore the sun down and I threw it away
My friends are always saying it'll be alright
Might as well try a little demolition tonight

Get it right, get it right, yeah

Oh, don't you point your finger or tell me "calm down"
You're standing only 'cause there are other people around
It's too late for apologies, too late for détente
This is my birthday, I deserve what I want

Well, Mama told me I've been misled
And Daddy told me I've lost my head
Everybody seems to love making me feel lesser
Well it don't mean much 'cause I'm the aggressor
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