Sonitus PoeticaFall Moon
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018 1:55:55 PM
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018 2:08:23 PM
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Original spoken poem and original Classical soundtrack

Everything by Jillianne Wright

Inspired by the full moon at the Autumn (Fall) Equinox and the effect it has on some of us

Blame the moon, that sneaky moon... It turns the tides, then runs and hides - attacks my brain 'til I'm insane - cold and deathly white, it hunts its prey at night like howling wolves and owls and bats and ghosts of sickly feral cats

Afternoon, early moon, Summer will be over soon - Days long all gone, Fall is coming fast

Short night, alright, guess you won't put up a fight. head for the back door, I knew you wouldn't last

Winter was on holiday, over the hills and far away, I can feel its feet of clay stomping down my street

Rosy apples, ripe to fall, waiting for their Autumn call - Last dance of the Summer Ball but I can't leave my seat

Full moon, dull moon, just a floating gas balloon - can't wait to inflate with harvest on the dinner plate

Dark skies, white lies, you ain't got no alibis, old wise dreary guys, your turn again to dominate

Summer was a promise lost, wouldn't last at any cost, won't be bullied, won't be bossed, stubborn little season

Never did commit to stay, showed your face then ran away, turned the lush green grass to hay for no particular reason

Blame the moon, that sneaky moon... It turns the tides, then runs and hides, attacks my brain 'til I'm insane

I'll hound you moon, confound you moon, take away your silver spoon - All year long, switch off and on your silly, grinning stare

Pull me, push me, but you will never hush me - my dreams it seems, split at the seams 'neath your compelling glare

Song Comments

Thought it was time to promote my own work (Sonitus Poetica means Music and poetry). Quite proud of this work especially the moving orchestral backing music and the depth of feeling in the recital. Anyone who feels influenced by moon movements will totally get this production.

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