KEENBut You Didn't Tell Me
Easy Listening/Soft RockHyperLink
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Monday, February 12, 2018 2:43:41 PM
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Monday, February 12, 2018 2:44:45 PM


Simple song, delicate vocal, guitar plus backing and some harmonies

Keen melody, lyrics, performance and additional instruments
Sungha Jung guitar

Some people hide themselves away even though you think you really know them
You were down, feeling bad, but you didn't tell me
You were low, ever so, but I didn't know
I would have been there, but you didn't tell me how much you were hurting - I didn't know

You were sad, out of sorts, but you didn't tell me
All I ever saw was a smiling face and that same old thoughtful you
It went deep, you couldn't sleep, but you didn't tell me
I could have been there but I didn't know

Then one day you went away and you didn't tell me
No-one knew what happened to you
Time went by, did you cry and you didn't tell me
You suffered in silence, I could have helped but I didn't know
I didn't know 'cause you didn't tell me so
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