StarcinaSweet LeaLya
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018 10:44:01 PM
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Saturday, March 24, 2018 1:23:26 AM
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A 'crossover' rock/melodic rock/pop country song about a special girl.

‘Sweet LeaLya’ Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved.
A ‘Starcina Productions’ Creation

Written by: Steve Sossin, Nick Stargu Sr. & Tom Traygis
Produced & engineered by: Steve Sossin for Starcina Productions.
Arranged by: Nick Stargu Sr., Tom Traygis & Steve Sossin
Grand Piano & Violin by: Nick Stargu Sr.
Drums, Triangles & Tambourine by: Tom Traygis
Guitars by: Steve Sossin
Bass Arrangement: John Mengual ( in Spirit )
Performed by: Steve Sossin
Lyrics/Vocals: Steve Sossin

Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Melodic Rock & Country

He reminisces about a girl named 'Lealya' who's been hurt all her life and even though she's found a great man.. she vanishes for weeks and months reliving all her past pain...
You know that you've been running... for a long time..
Just Because...
They let you down, left you to drown.. in a place that..
Never Was...
There was a cost and your feeling lost and you don't know..
Where to turn__ Where to turn___
I've got this feeling for you...
Can't you wait to see___
If your heart can catch up...
To where you used to be___
Sweet LeaLya_ Sweet LeaLya_ Sweet LeaLya__ Sweet LeaLya__
Sweet LeaLyaaaa___
Come back to me ( Lea... ) Come back to me ( Lea... )
Come back to me ( Come back to me.. ) Come back to me__
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