KEENMallard - The Steam Queen
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Friday, May 11, 2018 6:26:25 PM
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Sunday, May 13, 2018 5:27:18 AM
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All the train sounds were created on my keyboard - the song has different sections and speeds with instrumental breaks

The Mallard (A4 class) was the fastest steam engine ever reaching the speed of 126 miles per hour. She was aerodynamic and utilized groundbreaking technology back in 1938
In the Summer of 1938 when trains were powerful and great
the A4 Mallard, sleek and blue did what other steam engines couldn't do
She was made in England, a place called Doncaster, her engine was designed to go much faster
All her technology was infinitely vaster, ordinary trains just couldn't get past her

Hurtling down the East Coast line, always aiming to be on time
70 ft of surging power, cruising hour after hour
Through the English countryside with happy travelers inside
Her tonnage was 165 - she lived, she breathed, she was alive

On a stretch of track just south of Grantham
The Mallard reached a speed of 126 miles per hour
no other steam train would ever excede
In a downhill section beyond the tunnel
billowing stream trailed from her funnel
Her boilers boiled and her tenders tended
the record never bettered or extended

Now she stands like a statue in York museum along with her other engine peers
And people have paid to go and see 'em for many, many years
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