The DorroughbysWaiting For The Stars
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Thursday, June 14, 2018 11:33:02 PM
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Monday, June 24, 2019 8:32:15 AM
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Americana Desperado


"Waiting for the Lanternheads to pass, we're waiting for the Stars" (some issues with the previous mix, reloading)

by Cary Kembla


The gleaming of the gala, on its scintillating stage
Lights the Solstice evening, cold and grey
Up from the haloed harbour, neon ripples into space
Will the clouds be parted, hard to say
We watch the rolled red carpet after the fireworks display
Waiting in our cloaks and in our cars
We're waiting for the stars

In the galaxy of godheads, with satin sequin trains
Silent striding statues cast a spell
With shutters snapping softly, one pirouettes again
Was she man or woman, hard to tell
Across a million cyber ballrooms, we watch each other on display
Waiting in our Venus and our Mars
We're waiting for the stars

Flickered frames of fortune fly through meteoric flare
Showering silver embers in the sky
Below with bated ardour we look up from the parade
Waiting for the Lanternheads to pass
We're waiting for the stars
We're waiting for the stars

© 2018 Cary Kembla
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