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Monday, June 18, 2018 1:06:26 AM
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Monday, July 09, 2018 1:44:10 AM
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DreamLyfe is the title track to The new album.

Mark Holman - lyrics, vocals, adlibs. .
Music by Audio Blocks

Coming soon, this step into my DreamLyfe. All of us have a specific number of days to live, before the DreamLyfe takes us. I cannot truly capture it in words just a shadow of the perception manifests. Still, I woke the sleeping giant in an old man's shoes, . . .
And so it begins, this time that never ends,
The possible past, futures, and present.
And I am standing here alone,
Not knowing if I can go on,
But I feel the strength in me reside.
I’m going to soar this life
And step into the DreamLyfe
I’ve let the sleeping giant awaken at my feet.
And I’m going to soar into this DreamLyfe
And remember the casual life, the bitter life,
Is gone before me now.
Here I am
Standing here waiting for this life to know that I will succeed.
And I have the sleeping giant,
In the old man’s shoes, in the old man’s shoes.
To know this DreamLyfe,
I’ll step into my DreamLyfe,
Step into my DreamLyfe.
Song Comments

ode to growth and becoming, w a soulful, evocative musicality, and tasteful production, like the open-ended drive, and heartfelt performance, you're right, does not matter how old a person is, liberation is always new, kudos...

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