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Friday, July 06, 2018 3:40:29 AM
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 5:26:16 PM
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Save Some Souls is from my album Anomaly

Mark S. Holman

Save Some Souls is all about doing your part as it is expected and assigned regardless of how many backslider tractor pulls we attend, duties come first. People will let you know!
Save Some Souls

(Music Intro)

One night you stumbled, one night you fell into the gloom.
One night you hung around until you disappeared.
One night you swallowed the comfort of your existence there,
One night you fell upon your wounded knee.
Sunday someone cried out in the church just before you spoke,
He said, “Save some souls.
Someone in the church cried out,
Someone on the first pew said, (Four voices) “Save some souls.”
(Four voices) Save some souls, (Four voices) save some souls

You walk and smile you talk a lot and keep your guile,
You have to be the reprimanding host.
Step out and let us hear the angels cry! (Four voices) “Angels cry!”
Step out and let us hear the angels sigh! (Four voices) “Angels sigh!”
(Two voices) Save some souls (Four voices) “Save some souls!”

(Piano solo and organ)

(Four voices out of synch) “What would you have me do Lord?
What would you have me do Lord?”
(One voice) Save some souls
(Four voices) “Save some souls”
(Two voices) “Save some souls!”
The Lord “Don’t ask me why again this is what I have asked you to do.
Don’t question the faith
You walk out on the branch you see before you,
I want you to save some souls!”
(Four voices) “Save some souls!”
(Four voices) “Save some souls!”
(Four voices) “Save some souls!”

Mark S. Holman - Holworks
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Barefoot on a Dirt-Floor
Beautiful! -M-

Church of the Red Room
Beautiful! -M-

Beautiful! -M-

Apocalypse Radio
"Save Some Souls"!!! here at The Apocalypse! -M-

Eat***Love*** Pray
slidin' piano, trippy vibe, thot-provokin' storytellin', and a vocal every so often w shades of Leonard Cohen and Johnny cash, kinda subterranean, w many questions...

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