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Wednesday, July 11, 2018 8:14:39 AM
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018 8:18:36 AM
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Rock On Desperado


Had the strangest dream that I died and went to hell-it was the happiest I'd felt in years...

you know I had a craziest dream last nite that I woke up dead and I’m walkin round in hell just like that preacher said, then I see a dear departed friend he’s doin the funky chicken, says hey man this place a steal worth every single lickinheard rawhide…little latin lupe ludon’t be cruel get a job breakin up is hard to doschool day what I say daddy’s home not fade away so friend say man…never guess…satan is the deejayhawohoh….don’t take request jes oldies play hawoho…there ain’t been no end to saturdayhawohoh…he dress like cochise Liberacehawohoh…he’ll burn your ass you don’t watch ita buzzing screams across the sky/I reach and press my sleeping lady’s eye/ (I won’t be good again)white sport coat million to one duke of earl walk don’t run balls of fire blue suede shoes golly battle a nawlins summertime blueshawoho…crowd crashin like the sea in a canehawoho…every dance ever seen every dance ever namedhawoho…folks know a good time an brought it down here/hawoho…satan crows this party goes till Bud stops makin beer…maybe gee whiz western movies wonderful world/searchin crazy yakety yak soldier boy hit the road jackthe songs I hear… from years I thought had disappeared/here they are…He rememberedcome on everybody
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