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Sunday, July 15, 2018 7:59:37 PM
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Backyard Eutopia is song number 8 for the album DreamLyfe

Mark S. Holman - Lyrics vocals
Audio Blocks - Music

The dreamlyfe has to have a eutopia somewhere in it, doesn't it? I think so and is why I wrote this song, a Country song, to add another genre into the mix on this multi-genre album. Spice is where it is at, no rules, no conformity, just plain Country! Bet you can't keep your feet from moving when you listen, . . . so I am told how infectious this song has become already. Enjoy the fun!
Backyard Eutopia
I’m sitting in a lawn chair looking up at her
She has that look like she’s already inferred,
She did have a cousin or a friend I could stir.
I said, come on girl let’s have a party and bring her on over,
It’ll give us a chance to slip without her Red Rover.
If it’s all the same, I’m going to show her a backyard Eutopia
Yeah, you see the Frog is in the corner and the squirrel bass is on,
People can’t wait because they know this song.
They all want to two-step and that’s the best thing,
There’s a hundred yards of dirt to dance around in.
There’s a light on the corner shack that looks back,
A daylight spotlight on the latest moves
And I can see them dancing around
It’s a backyard Eutopia (hash tag right now)
It’s a backyard Eutopia we got going on, it’s going on
So grab your partner and dosi do
It seems that you’re going to have to get real close
The dog is going to make it,
The cricket’s going to fake it,
But the grasshopper’s going to take it home.
Yeah the fiddler on the roof said, “Don’t you give a hoof
to that horse who doesn’t have a shoe on.”
In that old sheep skin, that looks back and grins
Well that just might be Sally Horner. Tweet tweet
You never know what’s going to show
Or who’s going stand next to you.
In this Backyard Eutopia
It’s a Backyard Eutopia
It’s a Backyard Eutopia
Everybody’s having fun tonight
Well we have green beer yeah, and crystalline shakers
And a bar for those who sit on their money makers
Almost like a flush bluff that glitters in gold
It’s a hand to fold in this backyard Eutopia.
Strings of pearls and hidden rides
There’s that thing you have to light
It’s a backyard Eutopia
It’s a backyard Eutopia
It’s a backyard Eutopia tonight
Come on down (Tweet, tweet)
Where you going girl? Snap chat
What are you doing there with your phone? Periscope
Call them all over here to this home.
Our backyard Eutopia
Ha ha, we’re going to shag around this carpet a little bit, yeah
Like we were in Myrtle Beach South Carolina or something,
Ha, ha, come on by and dance awhile
Holworks is jamming.
Mark S. Holman – DreamLyfe – Holworks – ASCAP 2018
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