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Sunday, July 29, 2018 3:54:26 AM
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Dashboard Headlines is song 14 for the album DreamLyfe

Mark S. Holman

Dashboard Headlines unlike news headlines though still significant are more notes of things to do, observations, quick thoughts, jotted down on the dashboard. This story actually happened to me though I did change the names.
Dashboard Headline – The Delivery
My last stop was an old farm house thirty miles outside this side of nowhere Shannon.
I had sketchy directions from a one shop store clerk who looked a little like Gilligan.
Dashboard headline – Directions are key!
I saw the last oak as big as you’d want to see, all alone, no other trees around
I turned on that old dirt road and drove one lane straight to that small farming town
Dashboard Headline – Saved by the tree
Mr. Turner with a big straw hat came out to greet me in that hot afternoon sun,
Cicadas in trees a symphony as a horse neighed to say hello to me, place apple on tongue.
Dashboard headline – An apple a day
That made him smile to know I had that way with animals as he asked me to follow with one hand,
We walked up a path between pasture and shed on sandy grass and I felt the power of this land
Dashboard Headline –Clearing the way
My Great Great Grandpa started this farm despite disease or drought he made a living here.
As did all the rest of us Taylors through the years until the foreclosure notice we received this year
Dashboard headline – History Lost
As we walked outside that old white house, I heard the front porch swing squeak in the wind
He seemed to notice me notice it his face hidden with just a shadow change from grimace to grin.
Dashboard headline – People trust
There were times when my wife and I would sit out here all night, I miss her mind
So precise and a collector of details, none too small to escape what she’d inevitably find.
Dashboard Headline – People Rust
I handed him the check then my last obligation to someone I never even knew
Yet at that moment I knew her through this place, this time, a dream come true.
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