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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 10:16:03 PM
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Song 16 for the album DreamLyfe?

Mark S. Holman- Lyrics, production, mixing
Audio Blocks - Music

How easily it is to get distracted when a beautiful woman is involved. . .
Lookout Park
Riding in a car on a Saturday afternoon,
I have the top rolled down and the wind in on zoom.
The stero's blaring out this song I've heard,
And the microphone is steady and the voice is loud.
There on the corner, that store walker,
She looked up at me when she heard my sound.
And she says, "hey boy, I can show you a place
You know that we can get down.
Lookout Park and that strange ride
And that pork side is on the eastside of town, you know
I couldn't call you up
There was too much going on
She said Lookout Park here we come.

Lookout for the stranger,
Look out for the dark
Look out for the city
In Lookout Park

I want to walk with you.
I want to hold your hand,
But you know it's a dangerous plan
In Lookout Park, yeah you might get noticed there
Something from some dubious one.
But that's ok, I'll skip along
And I'll play dumb
And I'll wait for this one to have some fun.
She said, "Give me, give me what you got.
Give me, give me, what you got."
That's when I noticed in the shadows behind me,
Those three guys pointing their knives at me.
Well, I just slipped through the brush
Like a shadow from a cat
Sleek, slick they never saw me disappear so fast.

Hey that's Lookout Park,
Hey, that's the way it is in Lookout Park

Look out for the stranger,
Look out for the dark
Look out for the city
In Lookout Park

C'mon girl why do you do this to me?
You know, I just get along with everybody. . .everybody
Hmmmmmm and it's a new dawn
And the sun's in my hair,
And I feel just like I was Fred Astaire. Fred Astaire
Well, I'll steer clear of the entryway,
And I'll steer clear of the gate,
And I'll steer clear of the maximum sealed in my fate.
And I won't slip up and I wont't slip down
In Lookout Park Baby, I won't go around.
"Cause I know the needle's in the grass,
And the sidewalk's full of trash.
Man, it doesn't look like a place that I should ever be.
Yeah in Lookout Park,
Look out for the stranger,
Look out for the dark
Look out for the city
In Lookout Park.
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Song Comments

engagin' vocal, c-o-o-l flow, in the American grain, voice of experience , 'look out for lookout park,' kudos...

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