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Saturday, September 22, 2018 6:37:46 PM
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Saturday, February 29, 2020 6:24:07 AM
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Dreaming in the Light. A depiction of being alone here and there, hoping to see one waiting. It's only hope, It's just life.

Improvisational Songwriting. A Song, of a day, in our lives.
As I Fly By

words_music by Roy Muniz

In the wind
You’ll find me there
In the air
Up on the clouds
In the Moon, you’ll see me fly
As I wonder by

I’ll be dreaming in the light
I’ll be going out of sight
And I’ll think of how we are
How the Love goes so far

I can’t wait to see you
Standing in the drive
Keep your eyes wide open
See me fly
Flying by

In the Moonlight I go
Dreaming in the light
I can’t go very slow
I can sing, and I show
All the love, I have for you,
Will never die

Yeah I can’t wait to see you
Your smiling face in the drive
Just keep your eyes wide open
To the open sky
As I Fly By

Yeah I can’t wait to see you
In the waiting game I cry
But I’m keeping a clean mind
When I dive beside you
In our drive
In our drive
In our drive
In our drive

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Improvisational Songwriting
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Butte, Montana 2018
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Jimmy's Favorite Roy Muniz Songs
Roy is back with another wonderful song! I love it bro!

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