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Wednesday, October 24, 2018 9:26:27 PM
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018 9:35:46 PM
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About people who think everything is about them.

Vocals and all instruments by Danny Ray Barnes

Black & Blue

1. I’m wand’rin’ down a highway, my thumb out in the cold.
The weariness of wanderin’ Is getting’ pretty old, yes.

2. I didn’t see it coming, a forgotten memory.
I was finished with the past, But it wasn’t done with me,
I guess.

C. The sun is sinkin’ down.
I feel like I am sinkin’ too.
I was just messin’ ‘round,
never meant to hurt you.

B. What was I thinkin’ about?
What the hell was I tryin’ to do?
I’m a damn fool.
What was I tryin’ to prove?
How could I turn my back on you?
What did I do?

3. Getting’ off this highway, off the lonely road,
‘Cause this feelin’ sorry for myself is getting old,
Uh huh.

C. What can I say to you,
I haven’t said before?
Don’t shed no tears for me,
I won’t hurt you no more.

B. What was I mad about,
And why did I take it out on you?
What did I do?
I know you’ll never take me back,
‘Cause Baby your heart is black and blue.
What do I do?
Song Comments

Gritty edgy happening intro. tight tight groove. that hard hitting guitar was super intense. great musicianship and production. dynamite piece of work. love those breaks and short pauses. amazing guitar work on this. totally dig the harmonies. seriously killer

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