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Saturday, November 03, 2018 9:47:42 AM
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Monday, November 05, 2018 10:01:47 AM
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Over The Moon
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juke nawlins (1956-2006)
well...this harder for me than the fricking guitar break in live at the requiem ballroom. juke nawlins is gone. i tole the sunnybitch to don't go to airports drunk. anyway, he got in a fistfight with his grandmother sunday after church, and i gess he really got the better of her and then some...rage erasin the fack that granny knowed the backseat of the police chief's skwaud car better'n god bless america. anyway, he goes an lowers the town's whiskey supply by 10% and realizes he either rides the rails or the rails ll be ridin him. so off to lowgun airport staggers to the desk an sez in his own slurred cajun droolin "damarrah" like he wants a ticket anywhere "tomorroh". lady sez "samarra?" 10 minutes he on a plane to irack past out.so gets to irack an they wheels him to a bus to samarra. he get there while later sober an irratible...so strutting where the fuck am i down the street bumps into this cat who i hear got eyes blazin like a poopoo platter...they i guess started shuvin each other for a spell and juke pulls out some backup from his pocket which i guess was a old rusty churchkey...muthafucka seez this and jezizchrisewhatthefuck-kaboom...sumbitch turns out juke was fuckin wit a sewerside bommer...that dude be in heben with 16 virgins and whatnot and meanwile need a posse to fine juke. they sent his granmother the churchkey and a guitar pick.i been comfortin juke's gran as best i can, like "now he's wit god" (while i am thinking he be doin time in some county jail in hell), or "think of what you saved in undertaker money" (her grief visibly lifted with this on...remember this one), an "you lost a granson...i lost a bass player...i can't go on...well, i gotta run."well, juke....you gone, but those bass riffs will always be here and will always be the same, like memories of childhood or your first girl. i gotta run...staggerlee
jukebox in my head-who dropped the dime on the radio? Begging please won't you cure my disease...how will I know? Believe it when you feel it. Got a tune that'll make your baby swoon Woe-oh (juke her on the internet)-try to find a better way, tell the people what I say-JUKEBOX IN MY HEAD...right words right tune SOON you gotta download hit makin 4 bits drop it in the slot cause it's all you've got-see the crowd in your mind and take your sweet time, tease them till they frenzy on a one-night stand YOU'RE THE MAN-part the seas and I'm beggin' please (woe-oh)...shake it till the dawn cried out: "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT"-gotta be a better way to tell the people what I sayJUKEBOX IN MY HEAD....FLIP SIDE RACK 'EM UP WANNA' RIDE WANNA' LIVE WANNA' DIE WANNA' TAKE IT TO THE CELLPHONE CITY-FAME AND GREED AIN'T WHAT I NEED I WANNA KNOW HOW MUCH LOVE IS ENOUGHLAST CHORD BREAKIN' MY FANTASY IS WAKIN' WOE-OH...YOU'D BETTER HAVE THE RIGHT CHANGE, HONEY
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Over The Moon
Only just come across Dana Clancy - enjoyed listening to his work very much.

Cool nervy alternative pop//Love the start/stop motion here n some neat chord changes

2018 IAIA Golden Kayak Award Nominees

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