The GeeBeesThe wonder years are had
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Wednesday, November 07, 2018 5:49:58 PM
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Friday, March 15, 2019 7:40:13 PM
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I'm tired of reality, I wanna be a refugee who lives in a land of fantasy and hope
And I despair of humankind, I'd like to leave it all behind and wash my sad, polluted mind with soap
Half the world is crazy, the other half is scared, cynical or lazy, their faults can't be repaired
Half the world's deluded the other half is mad, I guess I just concluded that the wonder years are had


So I'll build myself a cell and I'll lock myself away
Then I don't have to see or hear the things I hate or dread
There's nothing I can do and nothing I can say, I guess the wonder years are dead today

I can't make sense of anything, no reason now to dance or sing
They hurt and kill, the suffering is dire
And I can't watch, and I can't change a culture that's become so strange
I'm heading for a mountain range much higher
Half the world's outspoken the other half is quiet
When all your dreams are broken you may not want to riot
Half the world's deluded, the other half is mad, I guess I've just concluded that the Wonder Years are had - Chorus
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Mystery Radio
oh how I love the magical mysterious voice of you know who, always have enjoyed this special persons vocals, indeed one IMPs most unique ever singer who brings her stories for all of us to marvel at, I always have. love the harmonies and bgs Big Rich textures sweeping about your listening and weaving her personal feelings about the things are, although, I think each day is a wonder and a miracle, thanks for bringing your magic back, its good to hear you!

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