The GeeBeesYou Made My Life
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Saturday, November 17, 2018 10:13:57 AM
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Saturday, November 17, 2018 10:25:20 AM
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Richard Scotti's Love Festival


This one builds and builds and builds from a simple acoustic to a full on orchestral Rock song

I just like the expression "That would make my life" as more than a "You made my day" It is open ended and can apply to friends, family, helpers, teachers or any focus of worship and love
I've always been a drifter, could never settle down
I'm not a heavy lifter, I'd sooner walk away
I took the road most winding, to any lonely town
In the hope of finding somewhere I could stay

We met upon a crossroad, North, South, East or West ?
You took my hand and guided me to sanity
And I found what I wanted, your way was the best
Thanks so much for showing true humanity

I didn't know what I wanted or where I ought to be
Until you gave me something, a mission and a goal
As long as I can have you I'll follow like a bee
Suckling the nectar from the flower of your soul

Youoooooo made my day
In the best possible way
But more than that, I have to say
Youoooooo, you made my life

Multi track backing ... What would I do without you - you made my day, you made my life - what would I be without you ?

You made me what I am and what I am is what you made me
And now I just don't give a damn 'bout anyone but...

Youoooooo (chorus)
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Richard Scotti's Love Festival
Beautiful song that builds and evolves to a lovely climax.

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