The GeeBeesLooking Through The Secret Window
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018 7:30:22 PM
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018 7:34:36 PM
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An easy ballad type slow rock/pop song with choral harmonies on chorus and bridge

Originally a poem, made longer here as a song - she feels he can look into her soul like a Superman
Your eye burns red and hot as coal
It breaks the hymen of my soul
And through it you can see
I feel the heat of your control
Unearthing like a digging mole
The truest part.... the truest part of me

Looking through the secret window of my soul
Notice that the drapes are open wide
Looking through the secret window of my soul
You may be surprised, you may be surprised what's inside

Are you super-human /do you have secret powers - can you see my future and my past?
I have no deflection - for your intimate projection - your laser beams invade me and your power source is vast

You pierce me with your X-Ray vision
In my self inflicted prison
Nowhere left to hide
You hear my thoughts and read my mind
No mystery left for you to find
The person that I thought I knew and loved.... just died

Song Comments

Cup'A Coffee (Expresso)
lovely, lilting song, w a brill st. chorus-y delightful charm, and a neat cord progression, that follows through on the title with revelations, and enervations and constellations kudos...

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