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Thursday, November 29, 2018 5:44:24 PM
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Sunday, February 10, 2019 9:38:02 PM
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Song 6 for the new imaginary Holworks album One More Song


olworks imaginary album One More Song.

Mark S. Holman - lyrics, vocals, production, bells and whistles
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Song 6 for the new imaginary Holworks album One More Song
Candy Jar
Yeah, put me in a visible place.
I’m going to be a confectionery dream.
Candy jar, candy jar
I’m going to be your candy jar

Here’s a sugar daddy coating blown dry by the wind.
Altoid mints wrapped up in a tiny tin
Junior Mints are fine if you have the time,
Clark Bar has the best chocolate by far.
Atomic fire balls are like Swedish Fish to go inside this dish.

Candy jar, you can load your sweet tooth here
I’m your candy jar, get your sweet fix here.

Do you want a Kit Kat or a Bit-O-Honey,
three Musketeers or a Nut-Roll from Sweet Marie?
You pass? Snickers will do? Why not have some Hot Tamales too?
I’m your candy jar, I’m your candy jar
I have these sugar babies for you.
She says, I want JuJubes, Mr. Melon, or
Fifth Avenue

Twinkle, twinkle Mr. Goodbar
Fizzy Lizzy, and Mary Jane will take you far
How about a Charleston Chew?
I’m going to be your Tootsie Roll.
Candy Jar, candy jar, yours chewy, I’m your candy jar.
When you have to have your sweet tooth fixed,
I’m your man. Put your hand in my jar!

Come on now you never know what you will get,
It could be a kiss, it could be a Twix.
It could be a Zig Zag, or a Butternut.
And she said, “Come on now, I want those whoppers,
Bring them out in a candy jar.
Slip down, chocolate stain,
Caramel licking around in your brain
A Butterfinger for a sweet tooth like you, like you
So reach your hand into my candy jar.
Come on now, come on
Don’t you want to tell me why you like,
your peanut butter on your chocolate,
Or your chocolate on your peanut butter?
Set me in the right light, I’m your candy jar
Get your sweet fix here.

2019 - One More Song - Holworks Music
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