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Tuesday, December 04, 2018 4:13:34 PM
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Song 10 for the album One More Song

Mark Holman

Walking On Mars

Just a little imagined crimson dust settling on the seat,
Say goodbye to the first stage, never again will we meet.
Thirty-four million miles ahead maybe a little more,
I’m not really sure if this ship can get me that far,
The computer whirs corrections to slingshot off the star,
If I can make it there, I’ll be the first man on Mars.
Space Force America

They tell me that there’s something in that certain kind of guy.
They tell that I’m the one they want to catch the Public’s Eye.
Posters say, “You’re the one, between this age group here.”
I’m going to try to escape that why and make it back this year.
On a trip to Mars, I’ll be the first man on Mars.
Space Force America

An old man in the corner is preaching, “Man, look at that!
This launch is full of demons and he won’t be coming back
I know, I’m coming home.
I’ll be the first man on Mars
Space Force America.

Broadcast sounds, “How can you lay there when so much is here for you?
Why would you stay there when there’s so much left for you to do?
They’re calling all of us, we have to take out turn,
It is going to be a lesson from which we all can learn.
Space Force, America, the first man on Mars.

Plasma coolant, screen displays, rocket thrusters disengage.
Warning bells, improper pitch, I click the code to re-engage
Vibrato hum, shaking shield, computer vector in a gravity field
Tumble twice, double speed, view ports scry the forward shield.
Engines stable, line of sight, red planet swallows a reflected view,
Bow corrections, linear flight, a touchdown welcomes you.
Walking on Mars, Walking on Mars

Space station poster hanging on a wall
Looking back and seeing Johnny say, “I’m so small.”
We have a chance now to make history
It’s going to be up to us, it’s just you and me.
Walking on Mars, what do you think about that? Cool
Walking on Mars where the gravity doesn’t show.
We can jump for 1000 yards and make it look so slow.
Turn it into a trampoline act that we have never seen,
Hop a gulf, a triple twist flip just to cross that stream.
Space Force America
Walking on Mars, walking on Mars

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