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Wednesday, December 05, 2018 7:56:57 PM
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Wednesday, December 05, 2018 7:58:44 PM
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Med paced Pop Ballad with twin vox

Sometimes it doesn't matter what I do or say people seem to get me wrong
I can't do nothing right
I wouldn't start a fight intentionally... that's not me, why can't they see

I never tell a lie
but people think that I have an agenda... I offend a lot of people, don't know why

There's something in my tone, my voice, my choice of words they cannot buy
It seems there ain't an accusation I'm allowed to deny


What am I doing that ain't good
What am I doing that's so misunderstood
I'm guilty 'til proved innocent
when no offense is ever meant

I'm starting to believe what they are saying, I'm praying that it's all in my head
When I'm dead they might be sad and sorry but then I won't know so I won't worry

I can't do nothing right
My teeth ain't got no bite... wouldn't hurt a Bumble Bee, that's just not me

I try to understand
My life is rarely planned... but once they know me they never show me any leniency... for simply being me... the only thing that I know how to be

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