The GeeBeesSister Sister, Skin and Blister
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Friday, December 07, 2018 9:20:10 AM
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Friday, December 14, 2018 10:33:29 AM
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Wordy Pop song - Dance beat with layers of vocals / backing

When the plainer Sister does everything for popular one
* Lyrics may appear in different order on this remix

You're always asking favors, want my help, take up my time
Although I've known you all my life you ain't no friend of mine
I find it hard to turn you down, how can I keep refusing
It's me you take advantage of, the mug you're always using

I do your shopping, mind your kids and take your dog for walks
We don't do things together now, no cosy little talks
I'm put upon, there's something wrong, I hardly get no thanks
When I want favors in return, all I get from you is blanks


What do I get out of this - what is my incentive
Where's the payback, where's the kiss - what's in it for me
What do I get out of this - it's a one way street
I just have to ask you Sis, what's in it for me
God gave out the guilt and missed her
I was blood and she was water but she was the favored Daughter
World owed her a living but I was the one who did all the giving

If there's a dirty job to do, I'm the one who does it
Roll up my sleeves and hold my nose, I don't complain because it's...
how I am, I get stuck in, that's what you do for kith and kin
I have needs and wants and stress but somehow you could not care less
I do all the heavy lifting, what's in this for me
Girl, you think you are God's gift in ways I just can't see
You got the brains, you got the beauty, got the job and got the man
I just do my Sister duty while my life goes down the pan

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