The GeeBeesMake Fresh Memories
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Monday, December 17, 2018 7:20:28 PM
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018 6:04:12 AM


Happy, guitar backed song with building chorals

Sharp eared listeners may recognise part of the backing music from Hey Soul Sister a hit for the band Train in 2009. NB, The Geebees never make their karaoke, cover or parody songs available to the general public.

It's time to move the furniture and get a new perspective
To be more forward thinking instead of retrospective
It's time to move the log jam that prevents a natural flow
So brand new memories can begin and bad old ones can go
It's time to sweep regret aside along with soot and grime
The present is a gift each day and every day it's time


Time to be... time to have and hold a memory that won't grow old
Live it once... learn your lessons
Then move on... count your blessings
This is now, this is true... I want to make fresh memories, fresh memories with you..oo..oo

Memories can be killers, memories can lie
Memories will taunt and tease, good or bad, they'll make you cry
The mind is like a wash'n machine, goes round and round again
You rinse and spin the dirt within but you can't remove the stain
The more you spin a memory the louder it will chime
The past is gone forever and you'll never get back time


This is now, this is true, this is what you have to do
This is now, this is true, I wanna make fresh memories with you

The only thing I really need
is to get my living up to speed
I understand that what you were has made you what you are
but trying to live in the past is a journey way too far

This is now, this is true - chorus to end
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