Rand Reynolds Velvet Handcuffs
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018 6:30:58 PM
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018 6:33:13 PM


R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2014

Will only get me drunk
My head is much smarter than
What my heart is
But my lack of willpower
In the late night hours
Catch me drunk dialing
Calling you again.

Yes, you’ll meet me
On the church stone bench
And yes, you promise
Both hands in your pockets
But I can’t resist the urge
To put my hands around your neck
We know how this always ends

And you followed me home
And we messed around in bed
And I rustled up some breakfast
At 3 am
Oh the silver spoon ring
That I thought you’d never wear
Got twisted and mangled
And tangled in your raven hair

We stagger from the bedroom
Our words are quite formal
Like raindrops in the sunshine
We pretend that this normal
While I starve in isolation
You’re Jezebel on wine
You’re a one man woman
Or am I just the next in line?

I won’t say 3 little words
But I solicit your love
You show up in all my daydreams
With your velvet handcuffs
Your kiss is wild
But it fits me like a glove
I can’t resist the grasp
Of your suffocating love.
You sit down behind me
With your hands across my chest
Your arms turn into clothesline rope
Like a burglar for my heart
You steal away romantic thoughts
Meant more for someone else
And you bite me on the back
When I refuse to tell.

Oh there’s love and trust
What’s the matter with the both of us?
You got a ring that really sizzles
Now you want a piece of paper
Signed by the preacher
So you can say we’re now official.

You slide your keys
Cross the dining room table
Like you trumped my last card
I had hidden in my hand
Awkward silence
Just staring down each other
Am I gonna make my move ?
Do I wanna be your last man?

We can make love
In every room of this house
But we can’t live together
Underneath the same roof
Oh, you’re generous with you love
But sometimes I’d prefer none
But my will is rubbed raw
With your velvet handcuffs.

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