Rand Reynolds Wild World
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018 6:42:15 PM
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018 6:43:55 PM


R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2014

Guilty treasures
Hidden pleasure, naked
Underneath the fur you wore
You're one hot mess
It takes all the strength I got
To keep from ravaging you right here on this kitchen floor.
You like it real, real slow
So let this mystery unfold
In between the sips of red Bordeaux
For the night is young
But never innocent
Impatience is for teen-aged fools.

For what I'd give to be inside you
Wood and leather for this rainy sweater weather
Oh, we make a solid pair.
But the radio plays on
That Cat Stevens song you like
And you murmur in my ear
Don't you dare go anywhere
It’s a wild world out there.

The heart wants, what the heart wants
Might be true but sometimes so sad
Experiments with lovers in darkened rooms under black silk covers
Left me empty, feeling trapped
Mere minutes of relief to satisfy erotic needs
Left me longing, selfishly
My body craves your warmth but my soul it wanted more
Only you could tame the unholy beast

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