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Thursday, January 03, 2019 1:45:44 AM
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Why is it criminal? Need I say more?

Mark S. Holman - Lyrics, vocals, and production
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Why Is It Criminal?
Why Is It Criminal?
Bulletin, bulletin
Why Is It Criminal?
She can tell you when her pain turned about
Why Is It Criminal? It’s first time in years where she didn’t feel all whacked out
Every day she had a pain that wracked her body and wracked her brain
A friend said, “You should try this flower Here Sat Iva.”
Or this other In Dica Dream
Why Is It Criminal? The results were immediate
Why Is It Criminal? She can walk without pain,
Why Is It Criminal? She doesn’t need the poppy tourniquet.
She doesn’t need those half-life shelf life pills that make that stain.
Why is it criminal? Why Is It Criminal?
Why Is It Criminal? Still can’t, still can’t, figure it out.
Here Sat Iva or In Dica Dream
Or one plus two equals cookies and cream
Yah, yah, yah, her depression is gone, so is her pain, do tell
She’s no longer anxious but she’s hungry as hell
For a New York slice or a burger with fries
The thought of foods like this is a big surprise.
Why is it criminal?
Please don’t tell anyone, this secret stays right here.
If not, you will shock the world to take that step this year.
Look at all the evidence and the stories people tell
What makes you drag your feet? We can eliminate their hell.
And wean them off, bring them up, let them all heal,
Is it pharmacology, or a pharmaceutical company?
Stretch the taxes and all that is supposed to be
Meanwhile, in the trenches, the opioid addicted
have no relief from the pills they take
They just have to take more and more.
Why is it criminal, this plant that God gave?
Why is it criminal?
Why is it criminal to have it?
Why is it criminal?
When it works so well.
Yeah, here sat Iva, . .

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