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Thursday, January 24, 2019 5:28:16 PM
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Friday, June 19, 2020 4:44:10 PM
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song written by Father Time

I saw Dr. Ford on my big TV
her story was the truth, oh anyone could see
A red face angry man brought something less
blaming all the Democrats for putting him to the test

They hid his records hid his cases
See the scowls on the old men's faces
seeks revenge on all left-wingers
as we watch the American dream slip thru our fingers

He seemed to feel entitled to that lifetime seat
Some power hungry white men wouldn't let him take no heat
Avoided many questions, he's a victim in their eyes
but the ladies he assaulted are accused of telling lies

got a rigged investigation
Right wing court in a left-wing nation
Fuckin' Mitch he sank Merrick Garland's boat
went 2 hundred ninety three days without a vote.

Couldn't listen to no more of Susan Collins' mealy mouth
or the new fresh prince of horseshit Lindsay Graham
Grassley's such a simpleton i'd kick him in the head
yet they're the ones who called the hearing this unethical scam


Everything is going like they planned
They just sat a ringer on the highest court in the land
See if you can sopaena SCROTUS now
women more diminished, wait and see what happens wow

Now they gloat
as the ladies' voices drown
They're cutthroat
they will stomp her to the ground
I should note, what this song is all about
we must vote every single scumbag out

Control your bodies, there goes Roe v. Wade
it's a scary time for men, is a statement that he made
then he said Brett was proven innocent
What's next? will grabbing pussies become a precedent?

Kavanaugh he will help voter suppression
Kavanaugh take Mueller down now they've fired Jeff Sessions
Kavanaugh what goes around will come around
as they proceed to tear our country down

a democracy is altered
a more perfect union falters
a guy like him just shoulda been tossed
Will America ever get back what we have lost?
Kavanaugh x
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The Extra Mile
We can't have too many songs on this Station that involve the 'Extra Mile King'

Timeless sound wraps sharp words!

Boof Woooglies Gnunga-Mgbwuni Chrowl
KAVABEER is a FOOKIN ASSHAT. The next HIT by Negative Tendencies! Drink PABST Blue Ribbon, Only the Best!

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