Jilly's Song a Week ChallengeBite Off The Hand (s.a.w. 4)
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Monday, January 28, 2019 7:18:48 AM
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Monday, January 28, 2019 7:32:16 AM
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Songwriting Challenge 2019


A dark and disturbing composition with a Goth Blues feel

Inspired by the phrase "Bite off the hand that fed you"
Choral parts

1) Bite of the hand that fed (you)
2) What can you do when you bit off more than you can chew

Main lyrics

Did you bite of the hand that fed / odium, lies, fear and dread
That cold, pointing finger that poked fun at you / Those hard, digging nails, never breaking

Did you bite of the hand that caressed, unseen in the night like a spirit possessed
A palm, heavy laden with tangible doubt, tansferring the pain and the aching

How did you bite off the hand that sustained you, bit it right off at the wrist
Did the taste linger from each bony finger and how will you ever exist
How did you bite off the hand that had nourished, the hand raised above you to threaten
A constant appendage-like weapon - to never again make a fist

How did you just take a bite of the hand that inflicted a smite
That took as it gave from the cradle to grave with the clutch of a snake in the grass

Did you bite off the hand that has stroked, imparting its love while it choked on a diet of love ladened honey and acid that might tarnish brass
Song Comments

Songwriting Challenge 2019
Quite a disturbing song, hard hitting vocal questioning with insets of choral harmony, a Blues beat with flutes trailing alongside. Rather Left field

theme song from a gothic show.

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