The DorroughbysHot Lead (demo version)
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Monday, February 04, 2019 3:08:59 AM
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Monday, June 24, 2019 6:31:20 AM
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I'm recording a country album at Nashville at the moment, and this is the latest demo I'm sending over. As it's just meant to be a guide to the musicians, it's not quite the production standard I usually aim for, but you still get a very good idea of the track. Hope you enjoy

by Cary Kembla


Well he remembered it just like yesterday
Growing up on his Grandpa's farm
And that moment on his twelfth birthday
Grandpa gave him his first firearm
And he taught him how to hold it properly
And he showed him how to aim it straight
Well pop after pop, all the cans they did drop
And pretty soon he got really good
Not hard to hit it, Hot Lead, Hot Lead

As the years rolled by, they were all spent
Making sure that the farm ran right
And he entered a marksman's tournament
When the money got really tight
Yeah he knew as he polished the barrel
The competition would be really tough
Well shot after shot, they weren't out by a lot
But he couldn't top the leading score
It's hard to hit it, Hot Lead, Hot Lead,
Hot Lead, Hot Lead, oh yeah

When the time came up for the last round
He was still a long way from first
As he settled his sight on the target
He remembered his Grandpa's words
Hold the buttstock tight to your shoulder
Pull the trigger when your breath is still
Well shot after shot, they were right in the slot
And pretty soon the bucks and big time called
Not hard to hit it, Hot Lead, Hot Lead
Hot Lead, Hot Lead, not hard to hit it
Hot Lead, Hot Lead, oh yeah

© 2019 Cary Kembla
Song Comments

my favorite song I've ever heard them do. Don't really like the subject matter but here they sound like a Stones' type rock band which works for me.

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