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Monday, February 04, 2019 5:27:45 AM
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Monday, February 04, 2019 5:31:41 AM
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Songwriting Challenge 2019


A Folk type rock song

some thoughts about taking religious books literally
In the beginning the book was created by God fearing souls who paired up and mated / They worked on the land or fished in the sea while they waited for Heaven or Hell to be free

Now they give you the book when you're too young to know Gospel from fiction, truth from illusion / They tell you the stories that scare you, and go through your innocent mind, causing untold confusion

CHORUS - It's just a book - take a look and all you'll see is letters, passed along by those long gone, our elders and our betters... It's just a book, take a look and tell me what you think - History, hearsay, heresy ... or pages full of printed ink ?

They live by the book, swear by it, upon it but like Harry Potter or a Shakespear sonnet, it's kind of disjointed and hard to digest. It puts credibility to the test

There's lessons to follow and some to ignore
The language is dated and rather a bore
But for 2000 years and maybe much more
It's been a best seller - despite every flaw


Lots of stories, praises and glories
Chapters, verses, spells and curses
Death, destruction, plagues and betrayals
Murder, penitence, giant whales
Visions, spirits, miracles magic
Psalms and proverbs, joyous and tragic
Tombs and Temples, Angels and Saviors
Arks and gardens, sinful behaviors

The authors are many but they often disagree
Second hand whispers or testimony ?
It may give you hope and comfort whenever you take a look
... but when all is said and done.... it's just a book
Song Comments

Songwriting Challenge 2019
I haven't done a controversial song like this for ages but it worries me that so many bad things are influenced and incited by and in the name of questionable documentation. I don't doubt that belief is a comfort and inspiration for some people but there are extremists who take old stories literally to justify evil acts

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