Jilly's Song a Week ChallengeI don't want to go there (wk 6)
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Monday, February 11, 2019 6:35:32 PM
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Monday, February 11, 2019 6:40:17 PM
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Songwriting Challenge 2019
Me Myself and I


A mix of Folk and Country with violin threaded through.

Wrote the lyrics in a low mood

I always wanted to be left alone
Thought it would be easier on my own
I never was a chatter, avoided company
The only one I'd answer to was me, me, me

But slowly as the years went by, I have alienated
everyone who tried to be my friend
Sure, my life is easy now, it isn't complicated
But lately, all I see behind are bridges I can't mend

The big picture used to be endless rolling scenery, but now I look and all I see are winding roads to nowhere
And it's not surprising that my ultimate horizon is a maze of burning bushes ... and I don't want to go there

I don't want to go there, I don't want to go there, there's nobody I know there and I'd be all alone
I don't want to go there, an endless trip to nowhere and all the breath that I have left is very nearly blown

Looking to the future is scary and forlorn
Would anybody notice if I had not been born
I thought I was a monolith, standing tall and strong
but I was wrong, wrong, wrong

I am just a pile of bricks, an empty shell, a silent bell, a living Hell from which I can't escape
My life's a game of Pick-up-sticks, a ghostly town, an old, sad clown, a painted frown that blots my own landscape

(extra lyrics here and there)

Jillianne Wright (Feb 2019)

Song Comments

Songwriting Challenge 2019
I had so much trouble deciding how to put my lyrics to music, I think I did 20 different versions but this was what I ended up with, kind of Country Rock with a topping of Folk and a really catch chorus.

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