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Monday, February 11, 2019 7:19:32 PM
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Friday, February 15, 2019 12:14:06 PM
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A heavy Latin Electronic Dance beat and a slower, strong female vocal - big chorus and electronic effects on Bridge. There is also parts of Spanish spoken word

Written for Valentine's Day 2019
The shops have been overflowing with stuff for Feb 14's Love Day celebration - everything from beating hearts to sugary tarts, pink ribbons to funky gibbons, Hallmark ditties to sweet and pretties. For some it's a declaration for others it's an obligation. Jilly produces some sort of song ever time Valentine comes a-knocking' and this year is no exception... but the song is not the normal sentimental cheese, this year it's up beat with SFX The chorus is vocalized very tightly after a more traditional solo effort. So if you didn't get the signif other anything yet why not play this song and bring a little romance to the table ?
(Spanish language introduction)

All my friends keep telling me he has something planned
I don't know, but could it be he's asking for my hand
What will I do, what will I say ?
How could I refuse him on Valentine's Day


Will he ask me tonight
Will he put a ring on my finger
Will it be shiny and bright... will it fit, this is it, there's no going back
Will he ask me tonight
Will there be violins and a singer
Will he ask me outright... will I faint, red as paint, have a panic attack ?

All my instincts tell me that he will make a move
There is something in the air, definitely love
Should I be surprised, should I go or stay
How can I refuse him on Valentine's Day ?

Spanish chat

(Left - spoken word narration describing the proposal)
Song Comments

A good Valentine's Day Workout with a thumping beat

c-o-o-l melody, vocal, storytellin', good beat easy on the ears, vaguely reminds of 'carless whispers,' though not my genre,, find this a charmin' song...

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