Plum JamAs I lay in bed
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Tuesday, March 12, 2019 6:08:53 AM
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019 4:59:16 AM


Looking forward to the morning coming, all night waking, looking at the clock
Thinking hard about the day beginning, hoping it was going to rock
I'd planned to call at 4 a m - I knew that you'd be waiting then
Conversations running 'round my head... as I lay in bed

I was waiting to apologize once the sleep had left my eyes
Lately things have gotten awkward, full of misunderstandings
You were working through the night again but you promised to let me explain
Conversations running 'round my head... as I lay in bed

I thought I'd never sleep - would my alarm clock beep - would you remember to be there
I started counting ticks - and all those 'wake up' tricks
I dare not let The Sandman get inside my head... as I lay in bed

The next thing that I knew, my eyes were open and the sky was blue
lots of calls and messages from you... and you... and you
I saw the time was 9 o clock, I guess my day or life won't rock
Just disappointment running 'round my head... as I lay in bed
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