dana clancyMissing my life away
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Monday, March 18, 2019 3:58:05 PM
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019 11:51:12 AM
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I do remember, Eagle-man. I made up this song a few years ago...hadn't listened to it for a long while. Last week I visited an old friend who is 70% lost to Parkinson's but still fresh on our boyhood friendship. Two rooms away I could hear an old woman weeping inconsolably like a child...for some reason, I pictured my own wife in such a state with me passed on and nobody to console her. It did cost me a tear. I thought again of "Missing my life away."

Missing my life away

***I think I’m gonna’ break-there must be some mistake: my loving you a little too long to take.

Closing time my friend, another day another end….I hope tomorrow is slower ‘cuz I wanna’ get to know her.

My story starts in the middle, and you’re gonna’ see I exaggerate a little, but when I am through you’ll agree most of it is true.
I gave my order to a cocky little waitress-she brought some tea and some courage out of me…said, “Hey, little girl, what cha’ doin’ tonight”
She said, “Come around when I’m closin’ the lights”

***I think..
all she had to give in all the days she had to live, seems all that’s left is missin’-missin’ my life away.

We built a nest and we were blessed with a family: a little girl looks just like here Aunt Emily and the little girl I knew, mother to our daughter and mother to me, too.
We got rich, we got poor, we bought ice cream. We never planned for our mistakes but we had a nice dream. And, oh, how I felt, bursting at my belt, walking in town with my little girls around me.

***I think…
…the diner down the street where she always saved a seat, and who just brought tea but our little Aunt Emily-I’m missin’ my life away.
Home seems so far now with no guiding star….in the night when I’m closing the light I yearn for her here and hope heaven’s listening, I’m missin’ my life away-it’s how I begin and how I end each day.

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