Tentative NegligencyWill we ever exit BREXIT ?
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Monday, March 25, 2019 11:40:43 AM
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Monday, March 25, 2019 11:43:24 AM


Slow Blues with a plea for the end to BREXIT

Everyone is sick of hearing about it but why should we accept anything less than democracy !
In 2016 Britain had a referendum
Stupid European rules, we wanted to end'em
Now the vote was close and the leavers won
That was the day the BREXIT saga was begun
Nearly 3 years later and not much changed
lots of fruitless meetings arranged and re-arranged
We say "GO" they say "NO"
They say "STAY" and we say "NO WAY"

Chorus - Will we ever exit BREXIT or will it go on forever
Seems there is no other news... except maybe the British weather

Mrs May is here today but she may be gone tomorrow
If BREXIT don't get finalized we'll beg and steal and borrow
They say 'No Deal' is suicide - They want 'The People' to decide
and in the meantime we all ride the 'Carousel of Sorrow'


Ministers just come and go, MPs keep resigning
No-one knows what's going on, they're always re-defining
It hinges on the so called Backstop, Customs Union, borders soft and hard
They say she's running down the clock, but who holds the best trump card


In Europe they are kissing, hugging, shaking hands
but when negotiation starts they don't accept demands
Deadlines come and pass I fear this could last another year
What a fiasco this has been

Let's make the break... and make it clean

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