Neil w YoungThere Won't Be Any Arizona - Album Mix
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Monday, May 06, 2019 2:32:38 AM
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Friday, November 20, 2020 3:28:31 AM
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From my album DREAMS IN THE WIND released April 2019. Co-vocalists: Mary Jo Bailey Lyell and Ray Lyell.

Written by Neil w Young

Neil w Young, Mary Jo Bailey Lyell, Ray Lyell - Lead vocals
Mary Jo Bailey Lyell, Lisa Winn - Harmonies
Mike Daley - Acoustic guitar, Dobro
Ray Lyell - Bass guitar
Carl Horton - Grand piano, Hammond organ, strings
Chris Lamont - Drums
Ben Robinson - Pedal steel

Produced and arranged by Ray Lyell
Executive Producer - Neil w Young
Creative and Mixing Engineer - Trevor Titian
Additional Mixing / Editing Engineer - John Wozniak
Mastering Engineer - Bryan Lowe, João Carvalho Mastering

There’ll be no more chapters to our story
There’ll be no more you and I
I saw what I’d never seen in you before
When you never even said goodbye

After all that we have shared together
And what I thought I meant to you
I thought our love would last forever
I thought our love would see us through

There won’t be any Arizona
No happy ending to the dream
There’ll never be another next time
I guess it never really was what it seemed

I’m gonna to try to put it all behind me
Although I know what I’m going to find
All my thoughts and feelings and my love for you
Rolling around forever in my mind

I still had dreams for the future
When it would be just you and I
Now you’ve gone and thrown the love away
The once in a lifetime kind
I can’t believe you just threw it all away

There won’t be any Arizona
No happy ending to the dream
There’ll never be another next time
I guess it never really was, it never really was
It never really was what it seemed

Copyright © 2017 Neil w Young Restless Wind Music All Rights Reserved
Song Comments

Outside the Window
such a stirring, evocative song, stellar vocal, piano, and Mary jo and ray's backing vocals add texture, and emotion, the chorus 1st line kinda mysterioso, and dramatic, did Arizona disappear from the map lol, pathos, unity in tone and spirit, kudos...

Desperado Comments
Last year, Neil released his "Dreams In The Wind" album over a two week period. For me it was a Radio Station Manager's dream. One track a day to add to stations. The anticipation never left during that period. On this track Neil and the Band are tight. The vocalists are energized. This one has made it into my internal jukebox, you know, those tracks that you hum or sing in your head when you're waiting for a bus or other situations.

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