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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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song written by Father Time

In your face obstruction hey Bad Faith Barr was hired to hide and bury the truth when all america waited for Mueller
So what kind of fucked-up system we got that lets the Trump crime family make a total mockery of the government

In your face obstruction, blaming Jeff Sessions cause he did the right thing recuse, and then admit just why you fired Comey
Now you do a dog and pony but hey the truth is out, you're just a disgrace brought in to do the bidding of SCROTUS.

If you had your hopes up even at all that America had a leg to stand on
You just couldn’t imagine corruption so deep
Our constitution could not fend off this greed and racial hate so bold
That every day the news is just about the asshole

Ever since the slimeball got Russia’s help, I’ve had a sinking feeling that
This will never again be the place i grew up in
We had come so far with Obama and now the idiot’s gone and wiped all that out
This country’s never been filled with such hatred

I wish some new Oswald took the man out along with Barr and Lindsay Graham
And Mitch McConnell the anti-americans
They proceed in nonstop hiding the truth, like Sarah Sanders the true antichrist
Do you believe they call themselves Christians?

When he said Mexico would pay for his wall his lies were only to degrade
He hates brown people that is his lifeforce, that scum
To take our health care that is a joy like trashing the environment
And his cult just backs whatever he stands for

Hey guess what it turns out Barr is connected to the Russians and to the Dousche bank the only one that would fund Trump
And the truth will be redacted of course Cult 45 is happy with that they only care their guy is protected

Unfortunately this song must come to an end we got to see the redacted report totally exposing that idiot Barr x
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