Kevin HardwellSomebody's Dying Tonight
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Thursday, August 29, 2019 4:53:47 PM
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Thursday, August 29, 2019 5:11:37 PM
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The song describes a series of events where a man is left to look after a drunk and injured stranger.

Kevin Hardwell

After leaving a house party, a man decides that it's best to go get high instead of calling an ambulance for a seriously injured and drunk stranger.
You feel it in the morning when you go outside
You feel it in the air and you know it's not right
You're going to this party she invited you there
the sexy spanish girl with her twin sister fair,
But all through the day, all through the light,
You're thinking something's wrong and you can't put it from your mind
You're leaving the store,
Dressed to the nines,
with a six pack in your arms to help you feel more fly,
and Sexy senorita, you're talking to her yeah,
But She don't give a damn, she's got a boyfriend it's plain,
Well don't you tell him what we did now when you get to spain

Cos' I don't think he'd be very pleased

let's hit a new scene cause this party's lame, with your boys at the club it's time to switch on the game
Fuck yeah's what you say, It's gonna be great, I just gotta get this kid back home he's clearly off his face

you know your way home yeah? Oh that's the wrong way. you know how to walk yeah? Well nearly mate. Do you know your own name? Upkar loopkar ripcar shmoopkar fallen on his face
Blood and booze it's on the curb it's flowing down the drain
No worries mate I've got the stuff exactly what you need
the blood it's slowed I've got no beer so let's go get some weed
Not talking eh? you've gone to sleep, I'd say that means agreed?
fuck a duck fine power nap, but don't save that shit for me
eyes a closed, your mouth ajar, but not that hole that bleeds,
you lazy cunt just get some rest and I'll drag you by your sleeves,
when they said paint the town, is this what they mean? Brushing him round the brighton town the brush his bloody knees?


(Wazzzupp) Hey what's up my man help Shmoopkar in, calm down he's fine so go get me some weed,
An ambuance? Nah let's take a chance, I heard you got a new strain premo kush dutch trance
Now Smoke fills the halls, and blood coats the walls, and upkar's lying over there now on the floor, we drug him outside, cos' his blood kept on flowing, and we won't get no more blood on this lovely upholstery,
feels like pineapple express, let me get this off my chest-us, with the weed and the blood and the blunt and dumb cunts and the stench of man red who's about to be dead


The housemate walks in, well kicks in the door, he's coked to the gills saying there's blood on the walls, it's filling the sink and it's up on the ceiling is someone here man now and why are they bleeding? He's called 999, man they can't come here, I'll drag him outside now go get me a beer


Chorus: Somebody's dying tonight, and you've got me feeling alright, somebody's dying, somebody's dying, somebody's dying alright.
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